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The "Fit Sit": An Ergonomic Chair that Improves Posture

Need: A way to improve sitting in those with poor posture to create correct positioning and reduce muscular pain at a low cost.



More than 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 experience back pain. A major cause of this back pain is that we spend 30% of our lives sitting. In addition to causing muscular pain, maintaining poor posture for extended periods of time has long-term health consequences; it can: lower life-span, impede breathing, and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. By improving poor posture, we can help alleviate and even prevent back pain and other posture-related ailments. Ergonomic chairs on the market tend to be extremely expensive, so we sought to create a chair of superior quality but lower cost. We visited Design Within Reach in downtown Palo Alto in order to see and sit in the current ergonomic chairs. From this visit, we gained inspiration for our design. We started with a basic office chair as a foundation and attached a new back, seat and headrest to it. We designed our additions in Fusion 360 and 3D printed the items, attaching them with screws and glue. Our chair works to strengthen the user’s muscles through its built-in exercise equipment, and even reminds the user to correct posture or to take breaks via a vibrating motor. The chair encourages the user to engage many muscle groups while seated, which helps develop better sitting and standing postures. In conclusion, the “Fit Sit” allows people to affordably integrate proper posture development while sitting.


(Left to right) Nora Griffith, Lauren Willis, Krubeal Negash, and Marco Volpi worked on designing a posture correcting chair equipped with integrated exercise features to strengthen key muscles in posture development. They built the an affordable solution to a common issue that riddles workplaces and even households everywhere.

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